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Deb’s Noggin Knits was created through my love of knitting for my grandchildren.  The baby sweaters, baby blankets, and baby cozy sacks were all appreciated gifts that were hand knit by Grandma.  However, the first sock monkey hat was a big hit with the grandson!  Comments were made about it everywhere we went.  My grandson would always proudly inform them, “My Grandma made it!”   Soon the requests began to come in, “Can you make a puppy hat?” “My daughter would love one in Pink!”  “I have a grandbaby coming in ……”  And so the website was born. 

 On this website you can find the perfect baby shower gift, gifts for newborns, children’s birthday gifts, and just plain old ‘because grandma loves you’ gifts.  Each and every item is knit with love and a prayer.  Time and attention to detail is given to each item.

 The animal hats have individual personalities so no two are exactly the same.  Grandma Deb makes each hat as if her own grandchildren were going to be wearing it.  Yes, all hats have been made by Grandma Deb’s hands. 

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